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Attractions in Diveagar

Suvarna Ganesha Temple : The Ganesh idol in this temple is made of gold, hence the name "Suvarna Ganesh".
Suvarna Ganesh
Sundernarayan Temple : Also known as Rupnarayan temple is believed to be built in 13th Century. It is temple of Lord Vishnu and is the best example of Sculpture. It is built of 'Jambha' Stone.
Rupnarayan temple
Shiv Temple : The Shiv temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is a piece of art to look at. As like Sundarnarayan Temple, this is built of 'Jambha' Stone.
Shiv Temple
Diveagar beach : Diveagar is blessed with white sand beaches. The clear-pristine sea water and scenic mountains around are just awesome. One such beach is just at 2 minutes walk from Coast Ecotel resort. Pass the time viewing the Sunset, turning the sky and water saffron. Listen to the music of nature and experience the divine twilight.
Diveagar Beach
Sports / Activities : Enjoy playing cricket on the beach with soothing sand below. Diveagar offers variety of sports activities like,
  • Parasailing
  • Scuba Diving and Snorkelling
  • Mud scooter
  • Horse Ride
  • Jet Ski
  • Speed Boat
  • Banana boat ride
  • Bumper ride
Parasailing Diveagar Mud Scooter
Shrivardhan : It is 20 km from Diveagar and the settlement is worth seeing. The rout from Diveagar to Srivardhan is along the sea shore and gives amazing views at un-number of spots. The velas beach is famous for the turtles.
Kondivali Beach
Harihareshwar : Well known as "Southern Kashi", Harihareshwar is 35 kms from Diveagar further to Srivardhan. Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh exist here in same temple along with Kal Bhairav. The 'Pradakshina' path has divine look and the view from the mountains is breath taking.
Murud janjira : The fort of Murud-Janira is near by Diveagar. Ferry boats are available to visit the fort from Dighi. It is strong structure surrounded by Arabian Sea.
Murud Jangira

Destinations like Phansad Wildlife Santury, Velas Beach, Kondivli Beach, and many more... are nearby that can be enjoyed.
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